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“Competing is Fun”

TSHFT was founded in February of 2008.

It originally started due to lack of Grand Tournaments in the Pacific Northwest, but it soon taken its own shape to better suit the needs and wants of local miniature gamers in modern competitive environment.  By 2011, TSHFT has grew into a muti-sectional and ranking supported tournament with a post season structure.  But the needs for a larger scale tournament is still there and TSHFT Championship series decided to pick up the void left in the greater Seattle area and host a 3 day tournament grand tournament style.

Thus TSHFT Open was born.

Unlike a traditional GT, TSHFT Open was a three day event with multiple tournaments included.  This way, players can enjoy the normal 1 on 1 challenges as well as the much demanded (but seldom hosted) team event.  

Of course, like any independent tournament hosted across America, TSHFT is only successful thanked to dedicated gamers traveling through out the Pacific Northwest.  If you find your schedule open and wish to have some challenges or fun, please stop by and a  memorable time is sure to follow.

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  1. Chancy Rickey says:

    What is the email address to send pictures of a conversions I am working on for a lord of war. I working on a BARBED HIERODULE Based off the new Toxicrene and Maleceptor Kit. Standing on some wreckage of a storm wolf. I have not finished painting it yet but I thought I would get it ok for the tournament before I did as it will help me to make my list. If you approve it then great but if not I need to focus on my other options instead. Thanks for your time and I hope you are having a good holiday.

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