40k Players, more blocking terrain!

You wanted more blocking terrain and we listented! Here are some pictures of some of the stuff we’ve already gotten and what we’re also working on. We’re hoping to have 150-200 new tall blocking terrain for August TSHFT. We already

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Participants lists for August events added!

You can find a list of currently registered participants here: 40k: Warmachine:

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If you have any comments or suggestions for TSHFT going forward, please e-mail them to  We may not be able to incorporate all of them, but we’ll make sure they all get heard!

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Cruise Ticket winners!

Congratulations to the TSHFT 2015  cruise ticket winners! 40k General – Sean Morgan Sportsman – Anthony Hammerschmith Painted – Frankie Giempapa Raffle – Reece Robbins Fantasy Overall – Chris Powell Sportsman – Darren Thibault Painted – Jim Vesal Raffle –

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TSHFT Fantasy – 2015 Results

Here are the Fantasy results! If you see any problems please email and we can discuss any issues. TSHFT Fantasy – 2015 Name Army Overall Battle Paint Score Sports Paint Votes – not in overall Notes Chris Powell Chaos

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TSHFT 40k – 2015 Results

Here are the 40k results! If you see any problems please email and we can discuss any issues. Updated 1/15/2015! TSHFT 40k – 2015 Name Army Battle Paint Sports Notes Sean Morgan Eldar + Tau 5050 0 0 Best

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Tournament Programs Added

We have printed copies for all participants but for those keen to get a bit of a jumpstart we’ve posted the tournament programs to their respective pages.  I’ve added links here for convenience. 40k: TSHFT 2015 – program – 40k Fantasy: TSHFT

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Fantasy Scenarios Posted

You can find them on the fantasy rules page, we’ve reposted them as well below: Scenario #1  King of the Hill  Deployment: Battle Line Rules: – To claim the hill a unit must be partially on the hill. -Only one

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Participants lists

It would seem the ticketting system has some flaws and isn’t displaying participants lists like we’d hoped.  We’ve put together a participants list using all the paypal transactions received to this point.  If you think your name should be on

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Ticket system being implemented

We’re implementing a new ticket system for TSHFT, this should allow us to show a list of participants for the event and allow you to track your registration status better.  This will have some of you who’ve already purchased tickets

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