Lunches update and info!

So here are the lunches for Saturday and Sunday!

For Saturday Lunch

Tossed green Salad,
Pasta Salad,
Sliced fresh Fruit,
Roast Sirloin of Beef (carved in room) includes lightly breaded breast of Chicken Dijon,
Beef Stroganoff with Egg noodles,
Vegetarian Lasagna,
Red Potatoes,
Fresh Vegetables and rolls & Butter

For Sunday Lunch

We have a pretty good idea on what Sunday menu will be. We will finalize (in Jan2016) the menu once have a better idea on number of attendee. It will be similar to Saturday lunch with traveling in mind. What we got so far.

Roast Beef
Grill Veg
For Saturday Dinner,

$50!!!! We still working on that. We want great quality of food and wine. If you sign up and don’t like where we are going then we will just refund you. Why $50? Dinner with wine and not fast food or take out, we’re talking excellent cuisine and a lot of it. (Last year was a family style pasta dinner with 6+ courses of top quality pastas and several appetizer and dessert courses).
The reason why TSHFT is including lunches again. TSHFT is getting bigger so in order to have a clear/better winner TSHFT really need to expand to 6 rounds, which means TSHFT need to find more time. The best way make time is to serve lunches, to make a quicker lunch turn around rather than playing extremely late into the evening or late on Sunday. To avoid Chinese takeout (which isn’t actually an option with hotel catering), $30 is needed to make that happen.

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