40k Players, more blocking terrain!

You wanted more blocking terrain and we listented!

Here are some pictures of some of the stuff we’ve already gotten and what we’re also working on.

We’re hoping to have 150-200 new tall blocking terrain for August TSHFT. We already have over 50 finished new pieces in our hands right now!

20150707_120651 20150707_120626 20150707_120634 IMG_20150708_195237[2] IMG_20150708_195205[2] IMG_20150708_195025[2] IMG_20150708_195022[2] IMG_20150708_195018[2] IMG_20150708_194918[2]

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Participants lists for August events added!

You can find a list of currently registered participants here:

40k: http://www.tshftopen.com/tshft-aug-40k-participants-list/

Warmachine: http://www.tshftopen.com/tshft-aug-wmh-participants-list/

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If you have any comments or suggestions for TSHFT going forward, please e-mail them to dminer@wcp-vancouver.com.  We may not be able to incorporate all of them, but we’ll make sure they all get heard!

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Cruise Ticket winners!

Congratulations to the TSHFT 2015  cruise ticket winners!

General – Sean Morgan
Sportsman – Anthony Hammerschmith
Painted – Frankie Giempapa
Raffle – Reece Robbins

Overall – Chris Powell
Sportsman – Darren Thibault
Painted – Jim Vesal
Raffle – Shayne Mitchell

These people have won a single spot in a double occupancy room (with option to purchase a spouse ticket to get their own room) on Cruisehammer 2016.  As per mentioned at the event, it will be late August 2016 to either Alaska or Mexico, leaving from either Seattle or Vancouver, BC, Canada with the final details being released in May when the 2016 cruise schedule is released with Royal Carribean.  Factors which adjust our destination and dates are whether the boat has large enough convention space, and availability of dates around our preferred launch.

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TSHFT Fantasy – 2015 Results

Here are the Fantasy results! If you see any problems please email dminer@wcp-vancouver.com and we can discuss any issues.

TSHFT Fantasy – 2015

Name Army Overall Battle Paint Score Sports Paint Votes – not in overall Notes
Chris Powell Chaos Dwarfs 107 83 20 4 10 Best Overall, 2nd General
Matt Beasley Chaos Daemons 100 76 16 8 0 Best General, 2nd Overall
Patrick Carolan Chaos 100 67 20 13 13 3rd Overall, 3rd Painting 3rd Sports (tie)
Ian Harris Tomb Kings 91 72 15 4 1 3rd General
Jim Vesal Chaos 86 60 20 6 38 Best Painted
Anthony Greenman Chaos Daemons 84 62 18 4 2
Richard FIscher Orcs and Goblins 78 43 20 15 27 2nd Painting, 2nd Sports
Shayne Mitchell Wood Elves 78 54 16 8 0  Raffle Cruise Ticket
Peter Davis Wood Elves 77 51 18 8 0
Rick Thompson Vampire Counts 71 47 16 8 0
Wyatt Jensen Orcs and Goblins 71 45 16 10 0
Darren Thibault Bretonians 63 32 15 16 1 Best Sports
Ricky Mitchell Chaos 61 45 15 1 1
Jay Taylor Wood Elves 60 31 16 13 1 3rd Sports (tie)
Alex Harris Orcs and Goblins 60 35 20 5 14
Bruce MacKay Dark Elves 42 40 0 2 0
Jordan Ross Dark Elves 39 37 0 2 0
Dan Miner Skaven 0 0 0 0 0
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TSHFT 40k – 2015 Results

Here are the 40k results! If you see any problems please email dminer@wcp-vancouver.com and we can discuss any issues. Updated 1/15/2015!

TSHFT 40k – 2015

Name Army Battle Paint Sports Notes
Sean Morgan Eldar + Tau 5050 0 0 Best General, Best Eldar
Ben Cromwell Eldar + Dark Eldar 4535 2 1 2nd General
Paul McKelvey Tau 4041 0 1 Best Tau
Chance Townsend Eldar 4040 2 1 3rd General
JP Mawett Chaos Daemons 4038 3 0 Best Chaos Daemon, 3rd Painted (tie)
Ben Schimmoller Space Marines + Astra Milatarum 4038 0 1 Best Space Marines
Grant Van Den Bosch Eldar + Space Wolves 4038 0 1
Reece Robbins Space Wolves 4038 0 1 Raffle Cruise Winner, Best Space Wolves
Garrett Mulrouney Sisters + Space Marines 4036 0 0 Best Sisters of Battle
Jeremy Veysseire Space Marines + Space Wolves 4034 3 0 3rd Painted (tie)
Vincent Morgado Astra Militarum + Inquisition 4031 0 0 Best Astra Militarum
Shaylynn Allen Grey Knights + Iron Hands 4028 0 0 Best Grey Knights
Vincent Price Assassins + Eldar 4024 1 0
Alex Gonzalez Necrons 3536 0 0 Best Necrons
Aaron Albert Grey Knights 3523 0 0
Geoff Robinson Tyranids 3032 2 3 Best Tyranids, 2nd Sports
Baxter Seguin Necrons 3032 0 0
Justin Whitton Eldar + Necrons 3031 0 0
Tim Hosker Space Wolves 3031 2 2
Nicholas Hayden Orks 3030 0 1 Best Orks
Chuck Arnett Tau + Tyranids 3030 3 1 3rd Painted (tie)
Colin Davies Necrons 3027 2 0
Don Gisch Necrons 3027 0 3 3rd Sports
Aaron Couture Sisters + Knights 3025 2 0
Alexander Kim Space Marines + Grey Knights 3024 1 1
Jason Butler Space Marines 3023 0 1
Chris Eldar-Allred Space Marines (Imperial Fists) + Space Marines 3022 0 1
James Reeves Tyranids 2520 2 3
Jim Yeh Necrons 2029 0 0
Jeremy Post Chaos Daemons 2028 1 1
Karl Payne Space Marines 2027 4 0 2nd Painted
Jessup Coffin Tyranids 2025 1 1
Sam Allred Tyranid + Hive Fleet Detachment 2025 0 1
Logan Rodrigez Tyranids 2025 1 1
Jonathan Allred Orks 2023 2 2
Frankie Giempapa Dark Eldar 2023 7 3 Best Painted, Best Dark Eldar
Josh Bagwell Tyranids 2021 1 1
Todd Johansson Tyranids 2021 0 2
Darick Post Tyranids 2020 2 1
Russell Lynn Orks 2019 0 0
Colton Titus Space Marines 2019 0 0
Jessica Edgren Space Marines 2019 0 0
Sean Porter Astra Militarum 2019 0 0
Evan Leon Eldar 2018 0 1
Logan Thomas Space Marines + Space Marines 2016 0 1
Todd Smith Orks 1017 1 0
Matthew Bombard Eldar 1017 0 2
Chancy Rickey Tyranids 1016 0 1
Denny Page Space Marines 1015 0 1
Andrei Chertov Chaos Marines 1015 1 0
Anthony Hammerschmith Space Wolves – Champ of Fenris Detachment 1015 1 4 Best Sportsman
Oliver Reeves Space Marines 1012 1 1
Blake Post Chaos Space Marines 1010 0 1 Best Chaos Space Marines
Douglas Eakin Orks 1007 1 0
Sheldon Brammer Space Marines 12 1 0
Keith Nyberg Chaos Space Marines 2 0 1
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Tournament Programs Added

We have printed copies for all participants but for those keen to get a bit of a jumpstart we’ve posted the tournament programs to their respective pages.  I’ve added links here for convenience.

40k: TSHFT 2015 – program – 40k

Fantasy: TSHFT 2015 – program – wfb

X-Wing uses the standard tournament rules on the Fantasy Flight site.

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Fantasy Scenarios Posted

You can find them on the fantasy rules page, we’ve reposted them as well below:

Scenario #1  King of the Hill
 Deployment: Battle Line
– To claim the hill a unit must be partially on the hill.
-Only one unit may claim the hill even if multiple units are on the hill.
-The hill is claimed by the unit that has the most wounds remaining (excluding characters)
Points Awarded:
+100VP points for the unit on the hill
+100VP point if the claiming unit has a banner (excludes BSB)
+100VP points per rank bonus of the claiming unit (maximum 300)
Special Rules: STEADY BOYS All unit on the hill have the ITP special rule
Scenario #2  Burning Banners
Deployment: Blood and Glory
-There is no breaking point for fortitude
-A banner is considered destroyed if a unit containing a banner no longer has a banner by any means. This includes breaking from combat, destroyed by magic or shooting, also units that have fled off the table and have not returned by the games end have their banners counted as destroyed.
Points Awarded:
+100VP per banner destroyed
+300VP for a destroyed Battle Standard
Special Rules: DEATH FRENZY Nominate an enemy unit, this unit gains the Frenzy special rule. The unit nominated can not be a character or warmachine. If the unit already has frenzy it gains no additional attack.
Scenario #3 Fickle Winds 
Deployment: Dawn Attack
-Characters are not rolled for random deployment and are instead deployed normally
Points Awarded:
-All VP scored from wizards, or characters that can channel are doubled.
Special Rules: POWER DRAIN When channeling POWER dice a roll of a “1” causes you to lose a power dice.
Scenario #4  Death and Honor
Deployment: Meeting Engagment
-Characters are not rolled for reserves and are instead deployed normally
-Nominate a single unit to be your “Honor Guard” this unit is deployed with out rolling for reserves and gains the ITP special rule, this unit must contain a banner and may not be a character.
Points Awarded:
-All VP scored from the “Honor Guard” are doubled
Special Rules: SHOCK AND AWE A unit that has been selected as the “Honor Guard” may once per game reroll it’s charge distance.
Scenario #5   Land Claim
Deployment: Battle Line
-The board is divided into 6 2’x2′ sections of disputed new land
-A unit is only eligible to claim a section if it has a banner
-If a unit spans mulitple sections it can only lay claim to the section where it’s banner is (Whichever section the banner is in)
-No more than one unit may claim a section.
-If more than one unit lays claim to a section the unit with the most wounds wins the claim
Points Awarded:
+100VP per section of land claimed
Special Rules: FOG OF WAR Any unit wishing to fire a weapon in the shooting phase on turn 1 must first roll a dice to see if it can find it’s target through the fog. On a roll of 4+ they see the target and may fire normally, otherwise the attack failed, and no other target may be selected.
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Participants lists

It would seem the ticketting system has some flaws and isn’t displaying participants lists like we’d hoped.  We’ve put together a participants list using all the paypal transactions received to this point.  If you think your name should be on here but isn’t please email veskit@gmail.com and we’ll investigate further.

40k: http://www.wcp-vancouver.com/phpBB3/showpart.php?id=92

X-wing: http://www.wcp-vancouver.com/phpBB3/showpart.php?id=91

Fantasy: http://www.wcp-vancouver.com/phpBB3/showpart.php?id=90

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Ticket system being implemented

We’re implementing a new ticket system for TSHFT, this should allow us to show a list of participants for the event and allow you to track your registration status better.  This will have some of you who’ve already purchased tickets through paypal to get a few extra emails notifying you that you’ve registered (with a sent invoice) and then updated to approved (paid) status.  Please don’t panic and don’t try to pay a 2nd time.  It’s just it’s way of pre-registering you for the event and then being approved for the event (because you’re already paid!).

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