Why is 40k so much more expensive?

Growing significantly from over 100 people has caused some scheduling issues.  This has been alleviated by having lunch provided as a buffet style for all participants to ensure you can get your meals in an extremely timely manner so that you can get back to playing as soon as possible so we aren’t playing until the late hours at night.  This included lunch has added significantly to the cost.  August TSHFT was $60 so we’re including 2 meals for only $30 extra.  Now that’s a bit higher than your typical fast food restaurant, but we’re restricted in bringing in outside food by the venue.  As it stands the cost of food will be over the $15/meal but we’re baking in some of those costs into the base ticket price so that we can keep the costs as low as possible without any one in particular having to pay out of pocket to ensure the event happens.

I hope that you all decide to still come and that you see the value of having two meals included allowing for a quick lunch turnaround so that you can get back to action and get all the required games in to properly establish one clear winner.

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